Nothing has done more for sexual ecstasy from sex toys than the invention of the vibrator. When a vibrator is added to a cock ring, or dildo, or simply the vibrator itself (such as in a bullet vibe), the pleasure is compounded many times over. Below we feature the very best vibrator sex toys.


Which are the best vibrators? The criteria we use in selecting the products on this page are high quality materials, the best manufacturers, the most popular sex toys and of styles that are popular with both men and women, including fleshlights (for men) and rabbit vibrators (for women).


We sell many vibrator brands, including: Ann Summers, Doc Johnson, Evolved, Fun Factory, Jimmy Jane, Jopen, Leaf, Lelo, Hitachi, Nu, Ovo, Rock Chick, Rocks Off, Swan, Trinity and Trojan. See the best examples of their products on the linked page.


What are butterfly vibrators? Many women are aware of the popular rabbit vibrator, another version of this is the butterfly vibe. Whereas the rabbit has a clitoral stimulator that includes bunny ears for clitoral stimulation, the butterfly uses wings or antennae for the same purpose.


One of the most popular sex toys for women is the bullet vibrator. It stimulates the clitoris directly for an extremely pleasurable orgasm. This popular type of sex toy also powers many larger sex toys, as they have an insert for a bullet to be placed.


People like to shop for vibrators by the color. Our colored vibrators are organized by those that are black, blue, pink and purple (these are the most popular types). Get your color themed vibes of many styles and materials at the above link.


Couples vibrators are a special type of sex toy that allows for a man and woman to enjoy the same toy at the same time. This usually consists of some type of toy that is used during intercourse that stimulates the penis and vagina simultaneously. The most famous type of couples toy is the We-Vibe.


Many women enjoy discreet vibrators because they don’t like to broadcast when they are using their sex toy. This can come in the shape of two different types, those that are very silent, and those that are disguised as common everyday objects, such as a hair brush or lipstick.


Another rabbit-styled vibe that also consists of a cute little animal sitting perched on a dildo shaft is the dolphin vibrator. Whereas the bunny type would have ears that flap in order to stimulate the clitoris, this one uses a dolphin nose for the same purpose.


Similar to a bullet, egg vibrators are a clitoral stimulator that is shaped like an egg. They are larger than bullets and therefore, can contain larger batteries. This helps them last longer as well as stimulate with more powerful vibrations.


Placing a vibe on finger tips is a favorite method of performing sensual massages. Finger vibrators are those that have inserts where fingers can be inserted, allowing a person to put a hand on their partner and provide tingling sensations.

G Spot

The g-spot is a location approximately 3 1/2 inches inside of a woman’s vagina that, when stimulated, can provide an orgasm that is distinct from that which is commonly experienced as a clitoral orgasm. G Spot vibrators are those designed at this length with a curved tip for accessing this area.


Vibrators for men are categorized as those which stimulate the penis or prostate. These include masturbators that are styled after the famous “fleshlight”, where a penis is inserted into a fake vagina that has a vibe attached. Others are
anal vibrators which stimulate the prostate.


Various vibrator materials include those that are made of glass (pyrex), jelly, silicone and those that are waterproof. Many materials are designed to resemble human flesh which gives a more realistic sensation as you use them.


Penis vibrators include masturbator type toys that have a vibe attached to them. They are fake vaginas that also vibrate to provide maximum stimulation during masturbation. We also include cock rings here, which help a man maintain a stiff erection for sex.


Our powerful vibrators category contains those which have extra batteries, large batteries, those which plug directly into the wall and are able to provide maximum vibrations that a majority of users would consider to be more powerful on average.


Are you looking for specific vibrator products? Here you can find those that are cute, luxury models, oral products, those that squirt, even those that are modeled after a Tarzan theme. Here we also feature double vibrators, designed to stimulate multiple areas simultaneously.


This pussy vibrators section contain those which are meant to stimulate the clitoris, as well as featuring some g-spot type vibrators that are designed to be inserted. We also display a section here that contains fake pussy vibrators that are masturbators for men.


By far, the most popular sex toys for women are rabbit vibrators. They are dildo shafts which contain a cute little bunny attached to them, which will stimulate the clitoris while the dildo shaft is inserted into the vagina. Find a huge variety of this type of toy in this category.


Realistic vibrators are those that are designed to look and feel like the real thing (except they have a vibe attached). These feature realistic looking dildos and life-like vaginas, as both men and women can find pleasurable toys in this category.


Who wants to keep buying batteries for their favorite sex toy? It can be a hassle, which is why many luxury vibe are rechargeable vibrators. These allow you to plug them in and recharge them in between sessions.


For women who enjoy the cowgirl position, we have riding vibrators. Some of these are like exercise balls with attached dildos, so you can bounce on them. Others are rabbit-style dildos that happen to have suction cups attached, so you can attach to the floor and ride them.


Remote control vibrators are great for couples to enjoy playing with each other from a distance. A typical toy will allow you to stimulate your partner’s vagina from up to 20 feet away. It’s a great tool for role playing as well as people who enjoy bondage.


Dildos that spin provide a great amount of pleasure to some women. That is what we feature in our rotating vibrators category. You can find rabbit vibrators that spin here, as well as auto blow types of toys for men.


There are many types of vibrator sizes. Here we categorize them by those that are big, huge, large, slim, slimline and small. Find the perfect sized vibe for your pleasure in this section.

Suction Cup

If you are a woman who enjoys hands-free play time, consider getting a dildo that has a suction cup vibrator. The suction cup allows you to fix the dildo on a smooth item, such as floor tile or bathtub floor. This lets you enjoy the sex toy hands-free.


Our thrusting vibrators are sex toy dildos that have the shaft extend and retract, simulating the act of real sex. Many of these toys are rabbit vibes which have a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft which extends and retracts.


Both men and women enjoy oral sex. By using tongue vibrators, a person can enjoy the sensation of having oral sex performedon them. These are toys that have the look or feel of a real tongue that also have a vibrator attached within them.


Wearable vibrators are those that people can either insert or attach to the vagina (for women). This section contains strictly sex toys for women. Some have harnesses which allow a vibrator to be affixed to the vagina in a discreet way to be used underneath clothing.


Women vibrators focus strictly on those meant to be inserted into a vagina. Here we feature dildos and rabbit style vibrators, bullets and egg type vibes and many other sex toy vibrators that cater toward a woman’s needs.