Sex Toys

Welcome to our sex toy website. Below, we organize our adult toys in a variety of different ways. We include toys organized by brand, type (oral, double penetration, hands-free, etc.), and by other criteria. Images will guide you as to what types of products are contained on each page.


Both men and women enjoy anal sex toys. For men, we have toys that stimulate the prostate. For women, we have anal toys with vibrators attached. There are a number of pelvic floor muscles that assist in powerful orgasms when stimulated by an anal toy. At the above link we feature many types of adult toys for both men and women.


Our sex toy ass section contains masturbators for men that are shaped like an ass. Many are high quality and feature materials such as silicone, cyberskin, UR3 and other types of realistic materials. These adult toys look and feel like the real thing.


What are the best sex toys? On this page we cover the best manufacturers, materials and other important considerations that make each sex toy awesome in their own way. We evaluate the best of every category we offer for sale. A few examples: best couples toy, best g-spot vibrator, best penis sleeve, etc.


Doc Johnson, Basix, Vixskin, Vibratex and Tantus are a few of the most popular sex toy brands. View adult toys by brand and discover the best of each manufacturer. More examples: Ann Summers, Evolved, Fun Factory, Jimmy Jane, Jopen and more.


With over 50k products, we aim to be your one-stop shop the next time you buy sex toys. We have every type of novelty for sale, from dildos and vibrators to anal toys and more. Shop for adult toys online here. On this page we feature sex dolls, cockrings, dildos and more.


Some intimate toys are created for both a man and woman to enjoy together. Some examples are the popular we-vibe and strapon sex toys. There are great selections of cock rings and other toys that make sex fun for both participants simultaneously. We explore these couples sex toys here.


Dildo sex toys consist of a toy in the shape of a penis, used by women to simulate intercourse. There are a wide variety of types. Some are visually realistic, while others both look and feel real. There are flexible and rigid, and also black, white and other colors. Browse them now and shop for them online.

Double Penetration

There are a number of different types of double penetration sex toys. Some consist of a cockring with a dildo attached so that a man can penetrate a woman in both the vagina and anus at the same time. Other double penetration toys consist of dildos with heads on each end, that are able to be bent and inserted into the anus and vagina simultaneously.


Spice up your sex life with sex toy furniture. In this section we cover various props you can use in the bedroom to make sex easier and more enjoyable. This includes chairs and cushions, pillows, ramps, swings and wedges. Get furniture that will let you enjoy your perfect bedroom position.

G Spot

What is a g spot sex toy? They are a type of dildo specifically designed to stimulate a woman’s g-spot. This is an area approximately 3 1/2 inches inside the vagina that is capable of producing a powerful orgasm that is distinct from a vaginal orgasm.


This section displays sex toys for gay men. It focuses on toys that gay men would appreciate, as well as dildo replicas of famous gay porn stars. Browse cock rings, blow up sex dolls and other items of interest to our gay patrons.

Hands Free

It can be distracting, manipulating a dildo or vibrator using your hands. Some people enjoy experiencing fucking toys that they don’t have to hold with their hands. For them, our hands free sex toys should be of interest. Here we feature items such as dildos with suction cups.


Our sex toy kits feature various products that are themed and go together. For instance, we have anal trainer kits that have thin to thick, or bondage toys consisting of a mask, straps and mouth gags. Get a deal on getting several sex toys in one package by browsing our sex toy kits.


An extremely important issue is what types of materials sex toys are made of. At issue are whether products are sanitary, how realistic they look and feel. In this section we cover waterproof adult toys, glass, inflatable and other types of materials.


There are a number of sex toys for men, and in this category we organized many of the best of them. Here you can find cock rings, male masturbators of all kinds, erection pumps and more. Also listed are some toys that resemble men, including male penises.


Are you interested in a sex toy that resembles the mouth? These types of masturbators are oral sex toys. These include the fleshlight types of masturbators that resemble a mouth that allows for a penis to be inserted. This section mainly features naughty toys for men.


This section features penis pumps, inflatable pumps, cock pumps, male pumps and more. A pump is a sex toy with a squeezable sac that will pump air into, or out of, an object to make it larger. Learn more about inflatable sex toy pumps here.


Here we list our sex toy masturbators for men. These can be thought of as fake vaginas. There are a large variety of sex sleeves including the traditional fleshlight, tenga eggs, the auto blow and other highly popular male masturbators.


Our realistic sex toys area mainly features life-like dildos. We have organized our dildos that look real, and feel real. Expect to see realistic dongs of many types, with and without vibrators, that are molds of actual pornstars, or simply look real.

Sex Dolls

Here are high quality sex toy sex dolls. While you will find the blow-up type typically associated with bachelor parties, we also have higher quality silicone touch toys with quality fake vagina inserts.


There are two types of vagina sex toys, one would be intimate toys for stimulating a woman’s vagina. Another would be fake vaginas that men use as masturbators. We feature both types on this page, so if you want a vaginal vibrator, or interested in a fake pussy, find them here.


Girls just wanna have fun, and here we feature our sex toys for women, which includes mostly vibrators and dildos that women love most. Find dildo vibrators, the famous rabbit vibrator, bullet vibes, discreet sex toys and many other sex toys that are women’s favorites.


There are many types of sex toy vibrators, and on this page we display our products for men and women. See vibrating cock rings, a selection of popular rabbit vibrators for women, bullet vibrators and eggs and other types of masturbation aids here.