When you or your partner crave penetration, nothing is more effective than a dildo. They are sex toys which are shaped like a penis and range from realistic to surreal. Some feature vibrators, others do not. Some feature suction cups to enjoy them without using hands. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Following are the different types of dildos we have available for purchase.


If you are into pegging (a woman using a strapon penis in order to have sex with a man), we have products you would be interested on this page. Also we have anal dildos which are especially designed for use in the anus. Anal dildos are generally softer and more flexible than those intended for a vagina.


Take a dildo, add it to a bouncing ball. The result are dildo balls. Some women enjoy bouncing on a ball with a dildo attached. It provides a realistic riding sensation, giving a pleasurable cowgirl experience. It is great for women who enjoy hands-free dildo use.


While “best dildo” might be a subjective term, we attempt to list our best-selling, most popular and innovative dildos here. We feature “best” as categorized by material, power of vibration, most respected brands, most-realistic and other methods for gauging how good a product is.


What are the most popular dildo brands? These would be Basix, Doc Johnson, Tantus, Vibratex, Vixskin and Fun Factory dildos. Here we feature the best dildos offered by these various adult toy manufacturers. There is a reason they are the most-sought-after sex toy dildos, at the link above we explain why each brand is so popular.


Butterfly dildos have a distinguishing feature centered around butterflies. Typically this is a clitoral vibrator positioned on the shaft of a dildo, much the same as you would see with the popular rabbit vibrators. On this page we feature all our various dildos that have butterfly attachments.


Many people want their dildo to be of a specific color. Our colored dildos feature those that are black, blue, brown, green, pink, red and white. You’re certain to find your preferred color of dildo on the page linked above!


There are two ways to judge gay dildos, those which properly stimulate the prostate, and others which are replicas of popular gay porn star actors. We feature both kinds on the page listed above. They are especially selected for gay men who enjoy quality dildos.


What makes inflatable dildos so special? For one, you can adjust their size. This makes them perfect for anal sex, where you can work your way up to larger sizes. They also accurately portray a limp penis which becomes erect as it is pumped, giving a realistic experience that some people prefer.


The type of material found in your dildo is an important consideration when buying one. There are many reasons to pay attention to dildo materials, including how realistic they feel, how rigid they may be, and how porous they are. Non-porous materials are preferred because they do not give harbor to bacteria or viruses. Learn more at the link above.


Dildos for men consist of a few varieties. We feature those both for gay men, as well as men who enjoy having their women peg them. Our dildos for men section includes both varieties, those designed to stimulate the prostate and a selection of strapons for men who enjoy being pegged.


If you are the kind of man or woman whom prefers a realistic experience, check out our dildo penis section. If you’re interested in a dildo penis, chances are you want the most realistic ones available. Here we feature the different materials that are realistic visually and to the touch, as well as great products that accurately look like penises in different skin tones.


Here we list an assortment of dildo products. They include those with specific features, such as resembling an alien, candy cane, those for couples, dolphins, etc. For those who have hand or foot fetishes, you will find dildos resembling those here. Also featured are specific products you may have heard of and want, such as those that are uncut with foreskin, made of UR3 or themed after Tarzan.


Whether you want large, medium or small, we organize dildos by their sizes here. We feature them by both length and girth. If you are looking for thin to thick, or short to long, we have our best products organized by size at the above link.


If you are shopping for sex toys, check out our dildo store. Here we organize our most popular dildos by color, size, manufacturer and more. Shop for dildos at PlayPenny and get the best prices and convenient shipping options.


If you enjoy realistic dildos, consider checking out our porn star section. Here we feature life-like replication pornstar dildos of Bam, Brent Everett, James Deen, John Holmes, Lex Steele, Manuel Ferrara and Mr. Marcus.


The most popular best selling sex toys in the world are rabbit dildos. They consist of a vibrator in the form of a bunny rabbit perched on a dildo shaft. The bunny’s ears are designed to stimulate the clitoris while the dildo shaft penetrates the vagina.


If you want a sex toy that looks exactly like a penis, you want realistic dildos. Both visually and by touch, these toys strive to be as real as possible. In this section you will find life-like dildos that are molded after porn stars, and those created out of superior materials such as cyberskin, and those that ejaculate for a simulated orgasm.


There are a variety of different types of action provided by dildos. Some thrust, some vibrate, some have attached vibrators (such as the rabbit), and then there are rotating dildos. These are those that either spin, or have beads in the shaft that rotate. The result is a unique twisting sensation that many men and women crave.

Strap On

For use between couples, dildo strapons are a great way to spice up sexy time in the bedroom. There are many types of strap ons, those for men and women. Many of those for men have a hollow dildo attached to a strap which allows a man’s penis to be inserted, increasing its girth and width. Some strapons for women include two-way dildos for pleasuring both partners. Some are made for women to use on men, called pegging.

Suction Cup

Why would someone attach a suction cup to a dildo? It lets the user enjoy the suction cup dildo without having to use their hands. The suction cup can be attached to a smooth tile on the bathroom floor, the side of the bathtub, or a bed headboard. There are many possibilities and angles to be enjoyed while having hands free.


For men and women who enjoy using a dildo that automatically inserts and retracts like real sex, thrusting dildos get the job done. These dildos have a shaft that extends and retracts, simulating real intercourse. Most are rabbit vibrators with a vibe also attached to the shaft.


Some dildos simply resemble a cock. A more exciting version of this is the vibrator dildo, usually having many patterns of vibrating escalation and intensity. There are many different types, from the slimline with an internal vibrator, to rabbits which have the vibe sitting externally on the dildo shaft.


Here we feature dildos for women. These include the largest selection of our dildos, as most are created for women. On the above listed page we feature the best ones organized by manufacturer, material type and various styles of design.