Large Anal Toys

Large sex toys designed for the butt, such as plugs, beads, balloons and other types of toys, are for people who enjoy this type of anal play. Many people are into stimulating the sensitive areas around the anus, as well as inside, including both men and women. Women enjoy the stimulation that carries over to the clitoris, and men enjoy the prostate massage that occurs when using over-sized sex aids.

What are large anal toys?

They are a type of sex toy used by both men and women for stimulating the highly sensitive areas around the anus. On this page we will feature those that are big, deep, huge and long. We will also display photos of what our bedroom tools look like so you can shop for the best one according to your desires.


There are several types of “huge” toys, ranging from length to girth. The big anal toys category includes those that are both wide and long. They can be considered very thick, or narrow and having a deep depth. You will want to work up to these sizes, as it can be harmful to start butt play with the largest sized first.


Regarding length, the deep anal toys will start around 6 inches and extend beyond that, up to several feet long in some cases. This allows for deep anal play for those who enjoy it. These can train the anus to accept exceptionally large penises without damaging tissue around the anus.


With our huge anal toys section, we’re beginning to exhaust our methods of saying “this is a big toy”. Here we feature butt plugs and other toys that are of extraordinary size. Those we feature are highly rated and have many excellent reviews. Browse our huge selection at the above link.


By using long anal toys, a user can reach a deeper depth. Many people enjoy this type of stimulation. It should be noted that all products of this nature should have a flared base to prevent insertion beyond the size of the toy, inadvertently lodging the item inside the anus and making it difficult to withdraw.

Specific Huge Butt Toys

The following are specific products designed for the butt that are big, such as anal beads, butt plugs and dildos designed for the butt. You can browse by these particular categories here.

  • Large anal beads are those that have a graduated shaft that is smaller on one end, gets larger towards the other, and has modular sections that are circles which provide stimulation when inserted to the anus.
  • Large butt plugs have a measured length with a flared end and is designed to be inserted fully, applying pressure to the internal area of the rectum producing pleasure in both men and women.
  • Large anal dildos are those that are shaped like a penis, but designed for anal insertion. This can be due to superior clean materials being used such as silicone, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or TPR (thermoplastic rubber). They may also be more narrow — but on this particular page we feature those which are thicker.

Other Large Sized SexToys

While not strictly anal-related, if you are a fan of enormous sized sextoys — the following are categories you should check out.

  • Large black dildos are for those who crave a big black cock. It should be noted that these products are designed for vaginal use, not anal — though nothing prevents you from using them as such.
  • Large dildos are sex toys for women that come in many colors, materials and sizes (though the ones on this particular page happen to be the huge variety).
  • Large strapon dildos are made for men or women to use on either men or women. The ones made for a man to use include those which have hollow dildos, designed for a man to insert their own penis. There are also those designed for women, which can be used by lesbians with other women, or used on a man (this is called pegging).
  • Large vibrators contain all of the benefits mentioned above, but they also vibrate. Adding this extra dimension of pleasure makes any sex toy more enjoyable.