Balloon – Anal Toys

One of the more gentle anal toys you can play with is the inflatable balloon. The reason for this is that you can insert it when it is small, and slowly expand it until it is the perfect comfort for the user.

Why Use Anal Balloons?

When pressure is placed in the anal cavity, this can provide extra stimulation to areas such as the clitoris (in women) and the prostate (in men). With a fully inflated anal balloon in place, a penis or dildo being inserted into the vagina is tighter, because there is only one side that will give way and it increases tension on that side (where the clitoris is located).

It can also be used as an anal trainer. When first starting anal play, it is important to not go too roughly, too quickly. There are sensitive muscles and tissue that can be ripped if they are not gradually trained to expand. With an anal balloon, you can slowly expand to your comfort level, allowing rectal wall muscles to adjust properly.

If anal play or the insertion of beads or a penis feels painful, a toy such as the balloon can be inserted and expanded to a wider girth. It can be left inside over an extended period of time if you desire. This will allow the anal wall and sensitive muscles time to expand and able to become accustomed to the girth of a penis or the desired sex toy you wish to use.

Our Selection of Toys

Here we have assembled the best anal balloons. There are several criteria you will want to look for as you do so. The material is extremely important. Because you will be using this in the anus, you should understand that materials such as rubber can have microscopic holes where bacteria can cling, making them unsanitary. Instead of regular rubber, you will want to find non-porous materials such as: silicone, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and TPR (thermoplastic rubber). After use, you should always clean them properly using warm water and soap.