Anal Toys

By starting small, you can ensure safer use of large sex toys. Large anal toys, when used improperly, have a potential to cause some damage — thoroughly do your research first, and the link above is a great place to start.


It is important to work your way up to large anal toys. Start with smaller “trainer” toys that help you expand your sphincter gradually. When going large, proper lubrication is a must. Softer materials are preferred if going vigorously, hard and fast. Stop if there is pain, and do not use lotions designed to reduce sensitivity — if it is painful, you should take steps to make it not painful, not reduce your sensitivity.


The advantage of anal balloons is that they are inserted while small and then expanded to a size that is comfortable. This is a great way to train the sphincter to enlarge without causing damage and lesions to the skin. You are always able to make the balloon a size which is comfortable, as well as gently expand what is comfortable over time.


Anal beads consist of a flexible shaft that has graduated spheres that start with smaller bulbs at the tip, which gradually increase in size as the shaft progresses. Quality anal beads are made of sanitary materials such as silicone, firm plastic, glass or non-porous materials such as TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or TPR (thermoplastic rubber).


The best anal toys for beginners are a “kit” that has many graduated plugs that start with slim and work their way up to be fatter or thicker. The idea is that you start small and gradually work your way up as you train the sphincter muscles to expand over time. At the above link we have a large variety of beginner anal toys and kits.


Which are the best anal toys for you? This is subjective, but in regards to materials and quality — some manufacturers and products stand out. Sanitation is important as well as having softer toys that are not too rigid. This makes silicone anal toys the best you can get, as they are both soft and able to be sterilized. We explore the various materials in the above linked page.

Butt Plugs

One of the most common anal toys are butt plugs. They are typically made to be inserted and stay in through the duration of sex. Their purpose is to put a constant tension on the rectum wall, which makes it easier for sensations to be felt through the vagina in women, where men receive the benefit of having pressure placed on the prostate.


Men enjoy anal toys for a number of reasons. Some men enjoy the penetration. The prostate is extremely sensitive and it is highly pleasurable to have it massaged. Gay anal toys help provide prostate stimulation as well as pelvic floor muscles contracting to make orgasms feel more intense, improving the strength and duration of climaxes.


Inflatable anal toys are much like the balloons explained above in that they can be inserted and then expanded to the perfect level of comfortableness. While balloons are intended to be stationary, inflatable anal toys include items such as inflatable butt plugs and toys designed to be inserted and retracted (such as beads). The main difference is that you can control their size by inflating them.


Tails are a way of making butt plugs fun. They have all the benefits that butt plugs provide, along with a roleplay aspect that many men and women find sexy. Butt plug tails are also an important part of many couples BDSM play activities. They come in a wide variety of types, including bunny, cat, dog, fox, pony and more.


What are the purpose of male anal toys? They massage the prostate, which is a part of the sexual response cycle and essential for the production of semen. It can be stimulated from the anterior wall of the rectum. In addition, the pelvic floor muscles are highly sensitive and prone to assist in making orgasms more intense when vibrated or stimulated with male anal toys.


The best anal masturbators have vibrators attached. They provide superior prostate massages in men, and tighten the vaginal walls passing vibrations through to the clitoris in women. They vibrate, relax and massage the pelvic floor muscles, helping to provide better and more intense orgasms.


Anal plugs help men and women achieve better orgasms. In men, they stimulate the prostate and pelvic floor muscles during sex. In women, they provide pressure to the vaginal walls allowing for better stimulation of the clitoris, as well as massaging pelvic floor muscles.


What makes anal probes different than butt plugs and other types of anal toys? While plugs are mainly intended to be stationary after insertion, probes are intended to be inserted in, out and moved after insertion to provide internal massaging and stimulation of spincter muscles.


Having the prostate massaged is the main reason men enjoy anal toys. A prostate anal toy should gently massage the prostate, and typically has an attached vibrator. We have a large assortment of prostate toys which contain powerful vibrators and are made of the highest quality materials.

Sex Toys

In our anal sex toys section we cover the broad spectrum of products, ranging from prostate massagers, beads, balloons, inflatable, trainer kits, probes, strapons and other anal toys. If you are unsure about where to get started enjoying anal sex toys, this page is for you.


When people think of anal stimulators, they typically visualize toys with vibrators attached. In this section we strictly list our best anal toys that feature vibrators. This includes products for both men and women. Whether you want a toy that will massage the prostate with powerful vibrations, or stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and clitoris during sex, this section is for you.


Are you into pegging? If so, our anal strapon page features all the best strapons. In general this page is geared towards women who wish to use an anal strapon to have sex with their man. The dildos attachments are more geared towards anal sex.

Training Kit

If you are new to anal play, you will want to start with an anal training kit. These feature a variety of butt plugs which are graduated, starting very slim and gradually increasing in size. This will allow you to train your sphincter muscles to get used to being widened so that you can enjoy healthy anal sex.


Many men and women prefer anal vibrators, or sex toys which have vibrators inside that are designed to be used anally. Our vibrator page has our recommended anal toys that feature vibrators. Vibrators provide the most stimulating experience with the most intense orgasms.

Remember, sex toys are sold as “novelty” items. If you dig deep down into that meaning, its an object which is specifically designed to serve no practical purpose, and is sold for its uniqueness, humor, or simply as something new (hency “novelty”, or newness). In other words, you’re not really supposed to use them. The reason this is said is if a toy actually hurts you, the sex toy companies absolve themselves by saying it’s only a novelty item. Keep this in mind when using large anal toys and properly work your way up to them with trainer butt plugs if you are not accustomed to using them.