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At PlayPenny we feature a large assortment of sex toys, including anal toys, dildos and vibrators. These are items used to induce sexual pleasure. Our store features over 50,000 sex toys, and on our blog (you’re currently reading) we feature the very best of them!

Anal Toys

Anal toys stimulate the anal regions of either male or female users. They usually feature balls or beads designed to stimulate the erogenous zones inside the anus. They should have a flared base so as to prevent the toy from going too far up the rectum. Often they feature a vibrator inside to offer additional stimulation. They can be used in solo play or with a partner. We have a very large assortment of them! Check out our extensive selection of anal toys for hundreds of quality sex toys, including butt plugs, beads, anal masturbators, prostate massagers and more!


Dildos are a type of fake penis used to penetrate a woman for sexual satisfaction. They come in many varieties, materials and sizes. Many include vibrators to increase the intensity of pleasure experienced. Some Dildos are realistic (even molded after popular porn stars), while others have various ridges and nubs made to stimulate as they are inserted and retracted. You can even find those with suction cups that allow for hands-free use in the bathroom or bed when attached to a headboard. Learn more and view our selection by visiting our dildos section!

Sex Toys

Here we display our sex toys organized by brands, and list popular products that aren’t neatly categorized under “anal toys, dildos and vibrators”. We have sex furniture, sex dolls, toys for men and women and more. Explore your sexuality and browse our adult toy catalog. More examples of what you can find in this section: sex toy kits, toys organized by various materials, toys for men including fake vaginas, toys for couples, double dildos for lesbians and much more. There are many photos so you can see what the items look like in detail. Start shopping for sex toys today at PlayPenny!


You’ll be surprised at how many types of sex toy vibrators there are! We have vibrators that simulate oral sex, shaped after butterflies, attached to dildos (such as the famous rabbit vibrator), or dolphins. Small bullet vibrators get the job done, and larger egg vibrators spread the sensation over a larger area. We have discreet vibrators which are secretive in one of two ways, either they are very silent, or they are designed to look like common everyday items such as lipstick or hair brushes. Remote control vibrators make for some interesting interactions with your partner! Browse our vibrator section for these and much more.

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Playpenny has been online since 2007. We are affiliates of CNV, who has been selling sex toys since 1996. We have thousands of satisfied customers. We have a 100% satisfaction and privacy guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your online purchase, you can return any item for any reason whatsoever during the first 30 days of ownership. Thank you for shopping with us, and we hope you enjoy our site!